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Built by music-loving finance bros to host free events with private content channels & UltraFan rewards.

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Hey There 👋
Thanks for taking the time to read more about blockparty. Our TLDR is pretty simple - the live events industry has built products predicated on single-transaction assumptions that fail to build community and provide recurring fan experiences.
Not only is this infrastructure harmful to fan loyalty, it leaves big money on the table.
Seventeen months ago, we set out to shake things up. We're bullish on decentralized UGC monetization, engaging tickets as a dynamic asset and the gamification of consumer purchasing.
Oh, and we're HUGE music fans! Did someone say Phoebe Bridgers?
Breaking into the live-events industry is tricky. Like... really tricky. We began by building an ecosystem for recurring post-event fan engagement. If that sounds simple, it should. What you'll find on blockparty today is a market-agnostic social network for communities to share exclusive content, ticket free events and share memories. There's just one little twist.
Unbeknownst to our users, the tickets on blockparty are NFTs and every community on platform has an underlying smart-contract. This revolutionary infrastructure foundation provides us with a unique and defensible product moat well positioned to disrupt fan experiences.
The live-events industry has been struggling with ticketing for over 20 years. Transaction fees have grown ridiculously large; the secondary resale market captures $15.2bn annually; KYC fails to verify who is actually attending events; oh, and don't even get us started on quantifying fandom.
By running a parallel Web3<>Web2 backend, we optimize the security & efficiency necessary for high-volume purchasing events (like when Taylor Swift announces a new tour), while facilitating model-altering USPs like resale royalties, fan-engagement credit scores and post-event rewards. When leveraged at scale, over time, blockparty will produce earnings for A-List celebrities and professional sports teams in order of magnitude better than our nearest substitute.
As finance-bros explain - would you rather charge 8.5% on one transaction or 2.5% on seven?
So now that we've begun to treat tickets as the dynamic asset-class they are, how do fans engage with them - and where? You need an ecosystem. Preferably, a market-agnostic platform with strong integration compatibility for enterprise institutions. You need somewhere for fans to share, memorialize and get rewards for their loyalty.
We are transforming the ticketing industry through blockchain-based fan engagement credit scores. Our technology will create a more equitable fan experience.
We believe the real solution is fan recognition.