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Managing Director: "This is nifty"; General Partner: "This would be a perfect fit in our portfolio"
Founders Fund
"This is an outstanding product. It would make sense to reconnect further down the line when there are more proof points that your platform will win the market, especially given the recent competitive acceleration of the space."
1517 Fund
"Although we have high conviction in the founding team, it is currently difficult space for us to get excited about."
"Love everything, except the lack of a token"
"I really like what you are building, and believe that it makes a lot of sense to merge ticketing and web3 - mainly for tradeability, resale royalties and knowing who are your top fans. However, this all makes a lot of sense for music but I have some doubts on monetization from the communities you are addressing right now (incl. charities and university students). I understand that you are targeting this audience as a consequence of the music industry being hard to crack, with huge players like Ticketmaster and the rigidness of the big music producers themselves. That being said, I really like your vision and potential of this, and appreciate it is a bit early. So will prefer to wait for more traction and retention data to reevaluate the opportunity at the next stage."
Primary VC
"I really appreciate you taking the time to share your vision for Vylto. The traction to date is really impressive and I agree with your perspectives around web3 infrastructure being a tool rather than the front-end experience for users. Unfortunately as I've dug deeper, we have some ongoing concerns about the market dynamics that mean we will have to bow out here. In particular, the volume of noise that enterprises are experiencing in the ticketing space makes differentiation challenging for go-to-market. Building a truly defensible product in this market appears difficult, as ticketing is one of the most proved out use cases for NFTs and competition will be fierce. With that said, these are challenges that you can definitely prove out as you continue to scale."
Solana Ventures
"Would love to use this for some of our events"
Although I'm excited for the zone of opportunity that you all are attacking and do believe that a much better tool for ticketing is needed. At the early stages, we tend to lean towards opportunities that are deeply aligned with crypto-native infrastructure building towards full decentralization. However, I do recognize the opportunity for killer user application, especially since it seems a critical mass of base layer infra has been supplied.