This is sick. I have a couple questions...

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How can I schedule a call?
What is your legal structure?
We are a U.S C-Corporation filed in the State of Colorado where our Co-Founder, Bear Matthews’ family is from.
Have you raised previously?
Yes - we have raised $250k USD that allowed us to operate extremely efficiently for more than 12 months while we developed our product, beta tested with thousands of users and found product-market fit.
Why did you recently rebrand?
This company was founded under the name “Vylto” in October 2021. That name was literally picked out of an ikea catalog and designed to keep us in stealth through early product development until we were ready for full-public launch. Our new name and brand identity under “Blockparty” now better embodies the product, services and operations of our business.
What is the investment structure?
We are currently raising a $1.5-3m Seed round on equity at a $7m POST on SAFE. This would allow us to continue executing and scaling our reach with an 18-20 month runway. We currently have $250k USD committed.
What proof points do you have that this will succeed?
Since our successful beta testing, we have already had an inflow of pilot partnership interest from legacy institutions like Universal Music Grounp (UMG), and other A-list celebrities. These partnerships would take their existing ticketing services with providers like LiveNation and allow their fans to engage pre-, during and post-event in a private content environment that can be leveraged for recurring user engagement, transactions and loyalty-perks.
What is the current traction? i.e. users, artists, and partnerships
We have secured an initial est. 15k subscribers for launch in November from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, San Francisco & Zug (🇨🇭) across sports, live-events, education & cannabis.
What is the current stage of development?