This is Web3?

Our platform utilizes a parallel Web3 <> Web2 backend for the best of both worlds

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Our NFT ticketing platform, built using Solana, allows us to offer lightning-fast transaction speeds and extremely low fees. This means that our platform can process a large number of ticket purchases simultaneously, ensuring that users have a seamless experience.
However, we also understand that not all users are familiar with blockchain technology and may prefer to interact with our platform using traditional Web2 methods. To cater to all users, we’ve built a parallel Web2 backend and frontend that allows them to interact with our platform in a way that they’re comfortable with.
Our parallel Web2 backend is built in Python, using modern web development technologies such as FastAPI and JWT. Alongside our Web2 frontend built in React and Next.js that provides users with a simple and intuitive interface to buy and sell tickets, view their ticket history, and manage their account. All of the NFT ticketing interactions are then translated into transactions on the Solana blockchain, ensuring that our ticketing remains decentralized and secure. Non-ticketing data is stored in a traditional Web2 backend, allowing the fastest authentication and data fetch speeds.
One of the challenges of building a parallel Web3 <> Web2 backend is ensuring that the two systems remain in sync. We’ve addressed this by building a robust API that allows our Web2 backend to communicate seamlessly with the Solana blockchain. This API is designed to handle complex transactions, such as splitting ticket sales revenue between multiple parties and managing the transfer of ownership of NFT tickets.